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Genealogical notes for Jeremiah Moriarty B1835 & Mary Griffin (Moriarty) B1835, My 3rd Great Grand Parents, Maternal Great Grand Parents of John Leo McQuaid B1902

Mary Griffin (Moriarty) B1835-1927, age 87, lived to see the following family events.
A. Birth of the following descendants;
  • Children-9
  •  Grandchildren- 25
  • Great Grandchildren- 14

B. Marriages of her descendants into the following families;
  • Children-Welch, Murphy, O' Day, Forrest, Coy
  • Grandchildren- Slosson, Welsh, Murphy, McQuaid, O'Connell, Callahan, Citkowski

C. Deaths of the following family members;
  •  Husband- 1
  • Children- 4
  • Grandchildren- 6
  • Great Grandchildren- 1
The following are buried in;
Bethany Road Cemetery  Bethany Road, Monson, Mass., 01057
Bethany Cemetery, Monson Ma.
Recorded on July 15, 2000
Old section only, ie w/head stones, new section has only flat stones. The new section is not recorded. I know of 3 McQuaid's in the new section including John T. McQuaid B1871, Mary Ellen Moriarty McQuaid B1881, & their daughter Mary K McQuaid Yakovlev B1901.

  • Moriarty- 15 including Mary Griffin Moriarty B1835 in grave marked 'Mother Moriarty’ w daughters Margaret & Hannah
  • Welch- 19
  • Murphy- 37 including Mary Moriarty Murphy B1858
  • O' DAY- 6
  • Forrest- 0 
  • Coy-2  including Bridget Moriarty Coy B1867
  • Slosson-0
  • Welsh-0
  • McQuaid- 13,
  • O'Connell- 10 including Ellen A. Moriarty O'Connell B1887,
  • Callahan-13 including Margart V. Moriarty Callahan B1889, 
  • Citkowski- 2

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blennerville, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Church and Civil Source Documentation, for the Marriage of Jeremiah Moriarty Born abt 1835 and Mary Griffin Born 1835, and the Birth of 8/9 of their Children.

In my last post I explained how I  found the Civil birth records for four of of my ‘2nd Great Grand Aunts’, in Tralee, Kerry, Ireland. At that point I thought what do I do now? Familysearch.org where I found the Civil birth records, and Ancestory.com, do not have Irish Church records. The Civil records started in 1864, the rest of the family was born before 1864. I hit a brick wall.
So, I did what any person in 2011 would do when they need Info., I GOOGLED it. I typed in,  "Jeremiah Moriarty" "Mary Griffin" Tralee Ireland 1854. According to the USA Census, their oldest child was born in 1855. The first 4 listings on the results where for http://www.irishgenealogy.ie/index.html. Irish Genealogy, This site is hosted by the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Ireland.  At present there are 2,030,140 Church records of Baptism, Marriage and Death available to view free of charge on this website.  These records are comprised of Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland Records from Counties Carlow, Cork, Kerry and Dublin City.  These Church records were computerized with funding from the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport and through the work of the Dublin Heritage Group and Kerry Genealogical Research Centre.
In 5 min I found the Marriage record and in another hour I found 8 out of 9 Birth records. Each record listed two witnesses or sponsors. Baptism sponsors were usually married, so I also found 18 potential family members, from the same generation as Jeremiah and Mary.

Jeremiah Moriarty Born abt 1835 and Mary Griffin Born 1835, were my 3rd Great Grandparents
John Moriarty B1860 was my 2nd Great Grandfather
The rest are my 2nd Great Grandaunts & Uncles

Blennerville, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland
Blennerville, Tralee 1880 blennerville_windmill_trale_today
The Blennerville Windmill was built in 1800, but had fallen into ruins by 1846. Blennerville Bridge was built in 1751, before the town was named Blennerville. The Blennerville Windmill was purchased by the Tralee Urban District Council in 1981 and was restored

Friday, September 30, 2011

Nine Steps through the past, lead to how Mary Ellen Moriarty (McQuaid), B1881 in Monson Ma., came to be my Great Grandmother.

Do you remember that envelope I mentioned at the beginning of my last post? The one I used in the 1970’s to jot down notes, while talking to my Grandfather about his family. One line states that his mother’s maiden name was Moriarty. They lived and met in Monson Ma. and they came from Kerry. That’s it. Well I Parlayed those tidbits into pay dirt! This week I found the date, ship name, and port of departure and arrival, for my Moriarty’s immigration from Ireland. I also found the birth records of  four of of my ‘2nd Great Grand Aunts’, in Tralee, Kerry, Ireland. And, the maiden name of their mother.
This post will chronicle my journey into the past.

Monday, September 12, 2011

To Arms Jimmy Boy! "Remember the Maine and to Hell with Spain!"

One afternoon, some time in the late 1970’s, I was sitting on the couch in my Grandfather’s living room. We were talking about his family. The surnames as far back as he could remember and family stories. The conversation was not planned, it just came up during my visit. At the time I was not into genealogy or family history. There was an empty envelope, from the days mail, on the coffee table. I decided to jot down some notes and names. I still have that envelope. The information got me off in the right direction, when I started my family tree. One of the names written there was Jim McQuaid. He was my Grandfather’s Uncle. My notes say he was in the Spanish American War. And, when he was older, he was in a Solders Home in Maine.
This post is his, Great Grand Uncle Jim’s, story.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Scourge of l'Éminence rouge ("the Red Eminence") reaches to the New World.

The latest post in the ‘Courchesne / Chagnon Chronicles’.
The year 1632 finds Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu attending to the Court of King Louis XIII of France, as Chief Minister. You will remember Richelieu as our antagonist, and the nemesis of my ancestors.  ( see my Aug 24 post  History, Genealogy and Historical Fiction: or How to find a Huguenot in a Papist’s Attic). He is basking in his victories at the  Siege of La Rochelle in 1628 and the Anglo-French War (1627-1629).

 If you did your suggested reading from my Aug 24th post, The Three Musketeers, you know the back ground for this tale. His future actions will continue to influence the lives and names of my family.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The ‘Cemetery Info’ page has been populated

(Click on Cemetery name for link to Photo Album)
Bethany Cemetery: McQuaid, Moriarty, & O’Day Surname Burial site.
(If you are in the area and take pictures of the Moriarty & O’Day tomb stones, please contact me via the E-mail link on the Home Page. I will post them.)
Bethany Road, Monson, Ma. 01057
Latitude: Longitude:
42.10811 -72.31178
Find a Grave’ link for Bethany Cemetery
Bethany Road Cemetery is the Oldest Cemetery in Monson. The first Burial was in 1762. Many stones used here came from the Quarry in Monson. From what I have been told, several stone cutters cut and carved their own stones before their death. The quarry closed in the 1940's
Link to Transposed Grave Stone Data for Bethany Cemetery.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8 McQuaid / Lynch Family Branches Added to the Genealogy Report Page

I’s official, I can know wear a Scottish Family Tartan. I have known that several generations of my Flynn ancestry were born in Scotland. Blairgowrie & Dundee. But their ancestors came from Ireland in the 1840’s. What I discovered today is Thomas Flynn B1855 married into the Robertson family from Dundee & Rattray, Scotland. James Robertson B1822, from Dundee is my 3rd Great Grandfather. The Robertsons took up arms for the Stewarts in 1689, were pardoned in 1703 but took part in both the 1715 and 1745 Jacobite Uprisings. If you remember my post from Aug 24th, History, Genealogy and Historical Fiction: or How to find a Huguenot in a Papist’s Attic, my Mother’s ancestors fought on the other side. There are Robertsons in many parts of Scotland with a concentration in Dundee and Perth.
I will be going to the 36th NH Highland Games, at Loon Mountain Ski Resort, Lincoln, NH, September 16, 17, 18, 2011, to  get fitted for a kilt.
McQuaid / Lynch Descendants Reports
  1. The McQuaid Line,  Paternal Lineage of John Leo McQuaid 1902-1981
  2. The Barrett Line,  Maternal Lineage of John Thomas McQuaid  1871-1953
  3. The Moriarty Line,  Maternal Lineage of John Leo McQuaid 1902-1981
  4. The O'Day Line,  Maternal Lineage of Mary Ellen Moriarty (McQuaid) 1881-1962
  5. The Lynch Line,  Paternal Lineage of Agnes C. Lynch (McQuaid) 1902-1970
  6. The Collins Line,  Maternal Lineage of James A. Lynch 1874-1939
  7. The Flynn Line,  Maternal Lineage of Agnes C. Lynch (McQuaid) 1902-1970
  8. The Robertson Line,  Maternal Lineage of Rose Ann Flynn 1878-1932

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sound Genealogical Practices Lead to Great Family Stories

I was excited to receive the first comments on my new blog. My reply to one of these comments has given me the topic for my latest post.

Heather Kuhn Roelker said... This is an interesting idea, to pull together the statistics of your ancestors. So sad that the infant mortality rate was so high. Based on these numbers it would really not have been pleasant to be a woman around 1900. Thank you for sharing this.
She was commenting on my Aug 23rd post; Snap shot of my Female ancestors that Immigrated to the USA from Ireland & Scotland, listed on the 1900 USA Census.

I replied…I got the idea when I was transposing data from various sources. I started with an individuals Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death and Census records. Then I merged all of the entries chronologically by Family group. That's when the info pops. The number of births by mothers at young ages. The number of deaths in a Family Group, in a small time frame. The age and number of children with occupations of Mill worker. etc...
If you over lap Historical Time Lines you can see the causes, such as epidemics, wars, etc..
Read some Historical Fiction about the same time frame and it all comes together.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

History, Genealogy and Historical Fiction: or How to find a Huguenot in a Papist’s Attic

It’s been about a week since I created this Blog and made my first post. During that time I have been busy tweaking widgets and adding content. I have been thinking of a way to make this blog more than just a depository for my Family History. To that end, I decided to add another perspective to this blog. That being my interest in History and reading Historical Fiction.
I have added a link to my ‘Book Shelf’ on ‘Goodreads’. Goodreads is the largest social network for readers in the world. They have more than 5,500,000 members who have added more than 170,000,000 books to their shelves. Goodreads members recommend books, compare what they are reading, keep track of what they've read and would like to read, form book clubs and much more. Goodreads was launched in December 2006.  I have also added  a ‘Book Montage’ showing the covers of my favorite books.
This is how I see this working. In my first two posts, ‘Mélançon / Melanson: Evidence Presentation and Overview of Surname Origin History’ and ‘The Military Roots of the 'dit' Name’, I note that Jacques Brisset 1595-1629, and Pierre MELANSON dit LAVERDURE  1590-1676 , both my 8th GGrandfathers through Joseph Hector Euclide Courchesne, were Calvinist Huguenots.  While researching French Huguenots I came across the name of ‘ Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu’

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Snap shot of my Female ancestors that Immigrated to the USA from Ireland & Scotland, listed on the 1900 USA Census.

  1. Mary Barrett (McQuaid), Monson Mass, arrived 1880, age 64, 7/9 Children alive.
  2. Mary O'Day (Moriarty), Monson Mass,  arrived 1853, age 54, Widow, 8/9  Children alive, lives on Main St, a few doors down from her Mother in Law,
  3. Mary Griffen (Moriarty), Monson Mass, arrived 1884, age 78, widow, 5/9 Children alive.
  4. Mary Collins (Lynch), Indian Orchard Mass,  arrived 1869, age 54, Widow, 7/12 Children alive.
  5. Rebecca Mary Robison (Flynn), Ludlow Mass, arrived 1887, age 42, Widow, 5/6 Children alive, she lives with her Mother in law,
  6. Rose Brecken (Flynn), age 75, Widowed,  2/10 children alive.
Total  34/55 Children alive. 21 Died before their mother. Average of 9.2 children per mother.
Total 1/6 Husbands alive. 5 Died before their wives.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Genealogical notes for James Flynn B1855 & Rebecca Mary Robison (Flynn) B1858, My 2nd Great Grand Parents, Maternal Grand Parents of Agnes Lynch (McQuaid)

Link to Family Group Sheet for James Flynn B1855

Note the age of the children with occupations as factory workers.
Link to article on child labor in Victorian Great Britain.
Abt1855- Birth- Thomas Flynn- Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland

1858- April- Born- Rebecca Robison (Flynn)- Scotland per 1910 USA Census & 1887 Emigration paper work & 1881 Scottish Census.

1861-Census-Scotland- Bernard Flinn (not Flynn) Born Abt1813 in Ireland, age 48, Occupation, 'Mill Worker', lives at 11 Pleasance Dundee, Angus, Scotland, with his wife Rose Brecken Born Abt1815 in Ireland, age 49, Occupation, House Wife, with their children, James Flinn Born Abt 1844 in Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, age 17, Occupation 'Mill Worker', Daughter Ann Flinn, Born Abt 1850 in Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, age 11, Occupation 'Mill Worker', Son Thomas Flinn Born Abt 1854 in Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, age 7, Scholar, Daughter Rose Flinn Born Abt1856 in Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, age 5, Scholar. Son Benard Flinn Born 1858  in Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, age 3, Daughter Mary Flinn Born 1860  in Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, age 1, ( Note Daughter Catherin Born Abt 1850 is not listed on the 1861 Census, assume she passed before 1861.) and 2 lodgers, Helen Murphy Born Abt 1840 in Ireland, age 21, Occupation 'Mill Worker' and Margt Kernen Born 1840 in Ireland, age 21, Occupation 'Mill Worker'

WW II Naval Muster Rolls for Thomas Lynch McQuaid B1927

Thomas L. McQuaid 1945
Thomas L. McQuaid 2nd from left, front, Pearl Harbor, 1945
Ancestry.com added the WW II Naval Muster Rolls. I found the following 11 documents for My Father, Thomas Lynch McQuaid, for the time period of 15 March, 1945 to 1 July 1946. I also found 11 documents for his brother James A. McQuaid, time period 31 May, 1944 to 01 June,  1946, service aboard LST 311 & LST 291. 
A.  1945, 15 Mar, Thomas Lynch McQuaid, Commissioning Report USS John P. Gray APD-74, Service # 667-74-45, Rating S2c, Branch of Service SV-6, USNR, Reported for Duty 15 Mar, 1945 from US Nav Rec Sta. Orange Tex.
B. 1945, 15 Mar, Thomas Lynch McQuaid Muster Rolls of Crew, USS John P. Gray APD-74, Service # 667-74-45, Rating S2c
    C. 1945, Mar. 31, Thomas Lynch McQuaid Muster Rolls of Crew for Fleet Post Office, NewYork, N.Y., USS John P. Gray APD-74, Service # 667-74-45, Rating S2c
      D.  1945, 01 July, Thomas Lynch McQuaid Muster Rolls of Crew, USS John P. Gray APD-74, , Service # 667-74-45, Rating S2c
      E. 1945, 30 Sept, Thomas Lynch McQuaid, Service # 667-74-45,  Report of changes, USS John P. Gray APD-74., Branch of Service V6, Change of Rate, Oct 1, 1945, Advanced to S1c, V6(SV),USNR,
        F. 1945, 30 Sept., Thomas Lynch McQuaid Muster Rolls of Crew, USS John P. Gray APD-74, Service # 667-74-45, Rating S1c
          G.  1945, 31 Dec., Thomas Lynch McQuaid Muster Rolls of Crew, USS John P. Gray APD-74, Service # 667-74-45, Rating S1c
          H.  1946, 01 March, Thomas Lynch McQuaid, Service # 667-74-45,  Report of changes, USS John P. Gray APD-74., Branch of Service V6,. Transfer to USS Helios ARB-12, for duty, Date of orders Feb 9, 1946.
          I. 1946, 01 March, Thomas Lynch McQuaid, Service # 667-74-45,  Report of changes, USS Helios ARB-1., Branch of Service V6,. Transfer From  USS John P. Gray APD-74, for duty, Date of orders Feb 9, 1946
            J. 1946, 31 Mar., Thomas Lynch McQuaid Muster Rolls of Crew, USS Helios ARB-12 Service # 667-74-45, Rating S1c
              K. 1946, 01 July, Thomas Lynch McQuaid, Service # 667-74-45, Report of changes, USS Helios ARB-1, Green Cove Springs, Fla., Trans. to P.S.C., Boston Mass, Date of orders 6/14/1946
              You might like the following links:
              Launching of PCU John P. Gray (DE-673) at Dravo Corp. Pittsburgh, PA., 18 December 1943 Redesignated (APD-74), 27 June 1944

              USS John P. Gray (APD 74)

              USS Helios (ARB-12)

              Tuesday, August 16, 2011

              The Military Roots of the 'dit' Name

              The following article applies to both the Courchesne and Chagnon names.
              1. Francois Chagnon, dit LaRose 1640-1693, arrived with the Militaire Régiment de Carignan-Salière aboard the ship ‘L'Aigle d'Or de Brouage, (Golden Eagle de Brouage), from La Rochelle on 5/13/1665 and arrived in Quebec on ​​19/08/1665. The following Companies of the Régiment de Carignan are aboard this ship, Grandfontaine, La Frediere, La Motte, and Salières. He was in the La Frediere company. There is a story about the origin of the dit name ‘LaRose’. Before his joining the Régiment de Carignan, Francois was a member of the French force that had participated in 1664 in the campaign in Hungary against the Turks, together with Austrian and German troops.  This French force performed "prodigies of valor” in the war against the Turks. On his return home to St-Georges-sur-Loire,Archeveche de Tours, Touraine, the locals threw roses in his path. In the fall of 1668 Francois agrees to accept the offer to stay on in New France and accepts his track of land in Vercheres, under the Seigneurie de Verchere, Francois Jarrais Sieur de Vercheres. He marries Catherine Charon, who was 13 yr's 10 mo. old at the time of the marriage. Francois was 39. The descendants of Francois diverge, some taking the Chagnon name, some taking La Rose.
              Francois Chagnon, dit LaRose B1640 is my 7th Great Grand father.
              2. Jacques Brisset dit Courchêne 1648-1736. Son of Jacques Brisset (1626 - 1701), Who was baptized between 1620 and 1629 in a Calvinist church, Saint-Yon, La Rochelle, La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France. He married Jeanne Fortier in 1648. He arrives in Quebec in 1651. According to Trudel, 14, arrived in 1662 with Jeanne Fortier, their mother to join their father,Jacques Brisset . In Montillier Charles, Marie Brisset, Sieur Jacques Brisset Courchêne, Jeanne Fortier and Jacques Brisset live in 1666 at Trois-Rivieres, Mauricie, Quebec, Canada ,(1666 Census of New France, referring to Volume IV, Chapter IV of the book History of the French Canadians.) This is the first time the name Courchêne (Courchesne) is recorded. It is referring to the son of Jacques Brisset B1626. He, Jacques Brisset dit Courchêne is Captain of the Militia. On 27 May 1695, Jacques contracted to work out west as a member of the Cadillac Convoy, who brought Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac to establish the first permanent settlement at Le Detroit du Lac Erie on July 24, 1701. The popular belief for the origan of the dit name ‘Courchêne’ is someone living at a farm with an oak tree in the farmyard, from French court ‘farmyard’ + chesne ‘oak’. The descendants of Jacques diverge, some taking the Brisset name, some taking Courchêne (Courchesne).
              Jacques Brisset dit Courchêne B1648 is my 7th Great Grand father.

              Mélançon / Melanson: Evidence Presentation and Overview of Surname Origin History

               Louisiane Acadien (www.louisianeacadien.com/mfamily.html)  
              · Melancon/Melanson Family History
              Mélançon / Melanson
              Evidence Presentation and Overview of Surname Origin History
              A must read for those with Mélançon / Melanson ancestry.
              Please see my family connection by going to the Genealogy reports page and clicking on the Mélançon / Melanson Family Group Sheets or Descendants Reports.