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Blennerville, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Church and Civil Source Documentation, for the Marriage of Jeremiah Moriarty Born abt 1835 and Mary Griffin Born 1835, and the Birth of 8/9 of their Children.

In my last post I explained how I  found the Civil birth records for four of of my ‘2nd Great Grand Aunts’, in Tralee, Kerry, Ireland. At that point I thought what do I do now? Familysearch.org where I found the Civil birth records, and Ancestory.com, do not have Irish Church records. The Civil records started in 1864, the rest of the family was born before 1864. I hit a brick wall.
So, I did what any person in 2011 would do when they need Info., I GOOGLED it. I typed in,  "Jeremiah Moriarty" "Mary Griffin" Tralee Ireland 1854. According to the USA Census, their oldest child was born in 1855. The first 4 listings on the results where for http://www.irishgenealogy.ie/index.html. Irish Genealogy, This site is hosted by the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Ireland.  At present there are 2,030,140 Church records of Baptism, Marriage and Death available to view free of charge on this website.  These records are comprised of Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland Records from Counties Carlow, Cork, Kerry and Dublin City.  These Church records were computerized with funding from the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport and through the work of the Dublin Heritage Group and Kerry Genealogical Research Centre.
In 5 min I found the Marriage record and in another hour I found 8 out of 9 Birth records. Each record listed two witnesses or sponsors. Baptism sponsors were usually married, so I also found 18 potential family members, from the same generation as Jeremiah and Mary.

Jeremiah Moriarty Born abt 1835 and Mary Griffin Born 1835, were my 3rd Great Grandparents
John Moriarty B1860 was my 2nd Great Grandfather
The rest are my 2nd Great Grandaunts & Uncles

Blennerville, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland
Blennerville, Tralee 1880 blennerville_windmill_trale_today
The Blennerville Windmill was built in 1800, but had fallen into ruins by 1846. Blennerville Bridge was built in 1751, before the town was named Blennerville. The Blennerville Windmill was purchased by the Tralee Urban District Council in 1981 and was restored

1854 June 20- Birth- Son Daniel Moriarty- Blennerville, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Baptism 20 Jun 1854, Father Jeremiah Moriarty, Mother Mary Griffin, Sponsors Charles Moriarty, Hanora Griffin, Priest Rev. P. Moriarty,
Church- http://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/details/1d84dd0476429

1854 July 17- Marriage- Mary Griffen B1835 to Jeremiah Moriarty B1835, Blennerville, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, witnesses Timothy Collins, Johanna Griffin, Priest Rev. J. Mawe
Church- http://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/details/55ca040590971

1856 Feb 2 -Birth- Daughter Catherine Moriarty- Blennerville, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Baptism 2 Feb 1856, Father Jeremiah Moriarty, Mother Mary Griffin, Sponsors Jerimiah Crowley, Catherine Moriarty, Priest Rev. W. Horgan
Church- http://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/details/f41fd70477142
1860 Feb 13 -Birth- Son- John Moriarty- Blennerville, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Baptism 20 Feb 1860, Father Jeremiah Moriarty, Mother Mary Griffin, Sponsors Daniel McCarthy. Catherine Griffin, Priest Rev. M. O'Sullivan
Church- http://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/details/d4382b0479139

1860 -Birth- Daughter- Mary Moriarty- Kerry, Ireland, there is no Church record on file for Mary. The date of birth is taken from her 1879 marriage record, 1900 & 1910 Census Monson Mass.

1862 Aug 18 -Birth- Son- Jeremiah Moriarty- Blennerville, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Baptism 22 August 1862, Father Jeremiah Moriarty, Mother Mary Griffin, Sponsors Jeremiah Clifford, Mary Griffin, Priest Rev. D. O'Donoghue
Church- http://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/details/88d1020480530

Baptism and birth records were recorded in different ways over the years in Ireland. Prior to 1864 the only place Catholic births or marriages were recorded was in church parish registers. Starting in 1864, civil registration of births, marriages and deaths was required by the government, and were organized by registration district and volume. The registration districts where the Poor Law Unions (PLU) , comprised of the Townlands within the PLU. Note that sometimes the Civil registration dates do not match the Church registration dates. Either this was a subtle show of discontent with the Civil law or the date of registration was used instead of the actual birth date.
Province- Munster, Barony- Trughanacmy, Civil Parish- Annagh, Poor Law Union (PLU)- Tralee, Townland- Blennerville (DNA) use Tonavane or Lohercannan. Towns in Ireland were set up and named, over the generations, where ever people gathered for trade or mutual security. Not all towns or townlands, were given Civil authority. Blennerville is one townland where Civil recognition Does Nor Apply (DNA). Blennerville is located on the boarder of Tonavane & Lohercannan Townlands.
In the 1800's the main language spoken in Kerry was Irish (Gallic), its is one of the few areas in Ireland where it is still spoken today. Church records in the 1800's were mostly kept in Latin. The on-line records today are transposed from Latin to English. Note below that Tonavane, as it sounded in Irish, was written in Latin and then transposed to English as Thallavedin. (Per the Archivist, Kerry Library, There is nothing even approximating to Thallavedin as a townland name in the general Tralee area. "As I mentioned on the ‘phone, I reckon it is probably Tonavane, severely misheard by the person recording the baptism."), Lohercannan came out as Lower Cammon.

1865 Feb 8- Civil- Birth- Daughter- Johannah Moriarty- Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Church Birth 8 February 1865,-Blennerville, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Baptism 22 February 1865, Father Jeremiah Moriarty, Mother Mary Griffin, Sponsors John Murtella, Catherine Moriarty, Priest Rev. R. Scanlan
Civil- https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.2/93TH-71N/p1
Church- http://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/details/0610330481707

1867 Aug 1-Civil-Birth-Daughter-Bridget Moriarty-Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Church Birth 25 March 1867,- Thallavedin, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Baptism 3 April 1867, Father Jeremiah Moriarty, Mother Mary Griffin, Sponsors James Nolan, Ann McCarthy, Priest Rev. J. Larkin
Civil- https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.2/93RB-9ZW/p1
Church- http://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/details/bd20710482631

1870 Mar 7- Civil-Birth-Daughter- Ellen Moriarty,Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Church Birth 31 January 1870,- Thallavedin, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Baptism 9 February 1870, Father Jeremiah Moriarty, Mother Mary Griffin, Sponsors Edward Griffin, Mary Carrick, Priest Rev. J. Griffin, Father mistakenly listed as John not Jeremiah on church record, the Civil record has Jeremiah.
Civil- https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.2/93GW-MKR/p1
Church- http://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/details/7b6f2e0483812
1876 Dec 23- Civil-Birth- Daughter- Margaret Moriarty- Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Church Birth 3 December 1872,-Lower Cammon (should be 'Lohercannan' the Townland), Tralee, Kerry, Ireland, Baptism10 December 1872, Father Jeremiah Moriarty, Mother Mary Griffin, Sponsors Jeremiah Crowley, Catherine Crowley, this is Catherine Moriarty see sponsors for sister Catherine, Priest Rev. J. O'Leary
Civil- https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.2/93PM-Y2W/p1
Church- http://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/details/130f9e0485036
Keeping with my Reading recommendations, A great book about Ireland during this time period would be;

The History of the Great Irish Famine of 1847 (3rd ed.) (1902) by John O'Rourke

Available online through Project Gutenberg.


Unknown said...

Hello! I was researching my great-grand father Jeremiah Moriarty of Annagh or Curragraigue (born 1857 approx) who married Mary Connor circa 1889. His father was Tadgh (Timothy)? Would you have found any records relating to him? Is he related to your ancestors?


T.T. McQuaid said...

Here is the marriage record (1886) and baptism of 3 children in Blennerville, the same as mine. My Jeremiah died in 1880. This could be a cousin. Have to check out the birth of Jeremiah with Timothy as the father. Please contact me by E-mail, using the link on the side panel.

Deirdre Stewart said...

Did you ever receive my email?

Deirdre Stewart said...

Did you do a DNA test? Check out familytreedna.com / Moriarty!

T.T. McQuaid said...

Deirdre, I did not receive your e-mail. My E-mail is ttmcquaid@gmail.com I did take the Ancestry.com DNA test. I also manage my Uncle's test, both are on GEDmatch.