Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Genealogical notes for Jeremiah Moriarty B1835 & Mary Griffin (Moriarty) B1835, My 3rd Great Grand Parents, Maternal Great Grand Parents of John Leo McQuaid B1902

Mary Griffin (Moriarty) B1835-1927, age 87, lived to see the following family events.
A. Birth of the following descendants;
  • Children-9
  •  Grandchildren- 25
  • Great Grandchildren- 14

B. Marriages of her descendants into the following families;
  • Children-Welch, Murphy, O' Day, Forrest, Coy
  • Grandchildren- Slosson, Welsh, Murphy, McQuaid, O'Connell, Callahan, Citkowski

C. Deaths of the following family members;
  •  Husband- 1
  • Children- 4
  • Grandchildren- 6
  • Great Grandchildren- 1
The following are buried in;
Bethany Road Cemetery  Bethany Road, Monson, Mass., 01057
Bethany Cemetery, Monson Ma.
Recorded on July 15, 2000
Old section only, ie w/head stones, new section has only flat stones. The new section is not recorded. I know of 3 McQuaid's in the new section including John T. McQuaid B1871, Mary Ellen Moriarty McQuaid B1881, & their daughter Mary K McQuaid Yakovlev B1901.

  • Moriarty- 15 including Mary Griffin Moriarty B1835 in grave marked 'Mother Moriarty’ w daughters Margaret & Hannah
  • Welch- 19
  • Murphy- 37 including Mary Moriarty Murphy B1858
  • O' DAY- 6
  • Forrest- 0 
  • Coy-2  including Bridget Moriarty Coy B1867
  • Slosson-0
  • Welsh-0
  • McQuaid- 13,
  • O'Connell- 10 including Ellen A. Moriarty O'Connell B1887,
  • Callahan-13 including Margart V. Moriarty Callahan B1889, 
  • Citkowski- 2