Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8 McQuaid / Lynch Family Branches Added to the Genealogy Report Page

I’s official, I can know wear a Scottish Family Tartan. I have known that several generations of my Flynn ancestry were born in Scotland. Blairgowrie & Dundee. But their ancestors came from Ireland in the 1840’s. What I discovered today is Thomas Flynn B1855 married into the Robertson family from Dundee & Rattray, Scotland. James Robertson B1822, from Dundee is my 3rd Great Grandfather. The Robertsons took up arms for the Stewarts in 1689, were pardoned in 1703 but took part in both the 1715 and 1745 Jacobite Uprisings. If you remember my post from Aug 24th, History, Genealogy and Historical Fiction: or How to find a Huguenot in a Papist’s Attic, my Mother’s ancestors fought on the other side. There are Robertsons in many parts of Scotland with a concentration in Dundee and Perth.
I will be going to the 36th NH Highland Games, at Loon Mountain Ski Resort, Lincoln, NH, September 16, 17, 18, 2011, to  get fitted for a kilt.
McQuaid / Lynch Descendants Reports
  1. The McQuaid Line,  Paternal Lineage of John Leo McQuaid 1902-1981
  2. The Barrett Line,  Maternal Lineage of John Thomas McQuaid  1871-1953
  3. The Moriarty Line,  Maternal Lineage of John Leo McQuaid 1902-1981
  4. The O'Day Line,  Maternal Lineage of Mary Ellen Moriarty (McQuaid) 1881-1962
  5. The Lynch Line,  Paternal Lineage of Agnes C. Lynch (McQuaid) 1902-1970
  6. The Collins Line,  Maternal Lineage of James A. Lynch 1874-1939
  7. The Flynn Line,  Maternal Lineage of Agnes C. Lynch (McQuaid) 1902-1970
  8. The Robertson Line,  Maternal Lineage of Rose Ann Flynn 1878-1932

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