Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Snap shot of my Female ancestors that Immigrated to the USA from Ireland & Scotland, listed on the 1900 USA Census.

  1. Mary Barrett (McQuaid), Monson Mass, arrived 1880, age 64, 7/9 Children alive.
  2. Mary O'Day (Moriarty), Monson Mass,  arrived 1853, age 54, Widow, 8/9  Children alive, lives on Main St, a few doors down from her Mother in Law,
  3. Mary Griffen (Moriarty), Monson Mass, arrived 1884, age 78, widow, 5/9 Children alive.
  4. Mary Collins (Lynch), Indian Orchard Mass,  arrived 1869, age 54, Widow, 7/12 Children alive.
  5. Rebecca Mary Robison (Flynn), Ludlow Mass, arrived 1887, age 42, Widow, 5/6 Children alive, she lives with her Mother in law,
  6. Rose Brecken (Flynn), age 75, Widowed,  2/10 children alive.
Total  34/55 Children alive. 21 Died before their mother. Average of 9.2 children per mother.
Total 1/6 Husbands alive. 5 Died before their wives.


Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

This is an interesting idea, to pull together the statistics of your ancestors. So sad that the infant mortality rate was so high. Based on these numbers it would really not have been pleasant to be a woman around 1900. Thank you for sharing this.

T.T. McQuaid said...

I got the idea when I was transposing data from various sources. I started with an individuals Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death and Census records. Then I merged all of the entries chronologically by Family group. That's when the info pops. The number of births by mothers at young ages. The number of deaths in a Family Group, in a small time frame. The age and number of children with occupations of Mill worker. etc...
If you over lap Historical Time Lines you can see the causes, such as epidemics, wars, etc..
Read some Historical Fiction about the same time frame and it all comes together.