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McQuaid’s of Tummery, Dromore Parish, County Tyrone survive the Great Famine, but not the Land Wars of 1879-1882.

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The Great Famine 1844-1852, that hit it’s climax in 1846-47, was but one of the many famines of the time, like the potato failures in 1790-1800, 1816, 1822 and 1836. Besides the many mini-famines, fever epidemics were other hazards of life, like the typhus of 1817 and the cholera of 1832.

The following is a list of my known ancestors, that lived in Dromore Parish, County Tyrone, through this turbulent time.
Name Date of Birth Age in 1847 Relationship to me Townland
Thomas McQuaid abt 1790 57 4th Great Grandfather Tummery
Thomas McQuaid abt 1812 35 3rd Great Grandfather Tummery
His wife Mary McQuaid, Nee McCourt abt 1812 35 3nd Great Grandmother Tummery
Ann McQuaid abt 1836 11 2nd Great Grand Aunt Tummery
Her future husband John O’Donnell abt 1835 12 2nd Great Grand Uncle Tummery
Thomas McQuaid 1837 10 2nd Great Grandfather Tummery
His future wife, Mary Barrett 1835 12 2nd Great Grandmother Tummery
Denis Barrett abt 1810 37 3rd Great Grandfather Tummery
His wife Margaret Barrett, Nee Gallagher abt 1810 37 3rd Great Grandmother Tummery
Rose Barrett 1843 5 2nd Great Grand Aunt Tummery
John Barrett 1840 7 2nd Great Grand Uncle Tummery
His future wife, Rose Barrett, Nee Gallagher 1851 2nd Great Grand Aunt Doughrock
Bernard Gallagher abt 1813 34 3rd Great Grand Uncle Doughrock
Catherine Gallagher Nee McCourt abt 1810 37 3rd Great Grand Aunt Doughrock
James Gallagher 1839 8 1st Cousin 4X removed Doughrock
Peter Gallagher 1846 1 1st Cousin 4X removed Doughrock

There were, most likely, many more children, brothers, sisters. aunts and uncles, in the family groups listed above, that have not been found at the time of this writing. Civil Registration did not began in Ireland until 1864. Before 1864, one must rely on church records or land records. As land passed to one heir, from one generation to the next, record of sibling not inheriting, have been lost. They most likely lived in the same households, as laborers, leased other lots in the same or other Townlands, immigrated, or died.
The following will give you an idea of the number of McQuaid family groups in Tyrone and Dromore Parish in particular, over time. Note that the spelling of names was left to the English clerk, as most of the locals could not read or write.

1666 Hearth Tax, Dromore Parish had a total of 56 tax payers. The parish population was only a few hundred, at the most. Of the 56, there were 4 McQuaid's. That being,  James m'Quead, Adam m'Quad, Torlogh m'Quad, and Henery m'Quade. 1666 Hearth Tax
1796 Flax growers List aka Spinning Wheels List, 17 McQuaid's (McQuade) listed in Tyrone, 3 of which are from Dromore, 1 of these 3 is Thomas. 1796 Flax Growers List
1834 Tithe Applotment, 55 McQuaid's/McQuade leasing land in Dromore Parish, Tyrone, including one Thomas McQuaid in Tummery 1834 Tithe Applotment Dromore, Tyrone
1860 Griffith's Valuation, 90 McQuaid’s in Tyrone, 6 of which are in Dromore, 4 of these in Tummery, including Thomas and Thomas Joun., the other 2 are Patrick and Owen.
110 McQuade’s in Tyrone, 47 of which are in in Dromore, none in Tummery.  1860 Griffith's Valuation
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There was a vast change in the population of Dromore Parish, Tyrone over time. Peaking in the years just before the Great Famine. The fall was due to Starvation, Disease, and Emigration.
Year Population time span % Change tot % from peak
1666 200
1841 10,601 175 yr’s +5200%
1851 8,091 10 Yr’s -23.7% -23.7%
1861 7,090 10 yr’s -12.4% -33.1
1871 6,508 10 yr’s -8.2% -38.6
1980 2,927 109 yr’s -55.0% -72.4%

While the Parish of Dromore, like the rest of Tyrone, was by no means the worst hit by the Famine, still there was great distress and misery. For fever, spreading from Belfast, again followed the Famine into the country side.

As Cecil Woodham-Smith reminds us in her absorbing study of ‘The Great Hunger’ (1963)
“The Famine emigration, the exodus from Ireland, in which hundreds of thousands of Irish fled from their country, because to remain was death, is historically the most important event of the Famine.
It was Famine emigrants who built up communities across the ocean, above all in the United States, where the name of Britain was accursed and whose descendants continued to be Britain's powerful and bitter enemies, exacting vengeance for the suffering their forebears endured”
Link for a History Of Dromore Parish, County Tyrone

Timeline of my McQuaid Family in Dromore Parish, County Tyrone

1768-abt Birth of Thomas McQuaid (listed on 1796 Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlement List) Dromore, Tyrone

1790-abt Birth of Thomas McQuaid, (father of Thomas B1812) Tummery, Dromore Parish, Tyrone

1791-October Woolf Tone, Rowan Hamilton, Napper Tandy and Henry Joy McCracken founded the society of United Irishmen

1796 -The Insurrection Act was passed.
-12 July The Orange Order's first ever marches celebrating the "Battle of the Boyne" and they took place on in Portadown, Lurgan and Waringstown.
-15th Dec Woolf Tone arrives in Bantry bay with 43 French ships and 15,000 troops. Bad weather forced them back to France

1796 Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlement List (Flax Growers of Ireland), - County Tyrone, Thomas McQuaid (Thomas Born abt 1768), Dromore Parish

1798 The Rebellion of 1798

1800 The population of Ireland is almost twice as large as that of the United States.

1801 -2nd Feb The first parliament of Great Britain in which Ireland was represented.
-1st January The Act of Union passed uniting England and Ireland.

1812-abt Birth Thomas McQuaid, (future wife is Mary McCourt, son of Thomas B1790) Tummery, Dromore Parish, Tyrone

1834- Poor Law Amendment Act

1834 Tithe Applotment, Thomas McQuaid, Lot 19 Tummery, Dromore Parish, Tyrone (This is Thomas B1768, age 66)

1835-abt Marraige Thomas McQuaid B1812 & Mary McCourt B1812

1836-abt Death of Thomas McQuaid B1768, McQuaid's give up lot 19 and Thomas McQuaid B1812 leases Lot 2A&B, Birth of Ann McQuaid Daughter of Thomas B1812.

1837, Dec 3, Birth Thomas McQuaid, Tummery, Dromore Parish, Tyrone (future wife is Mary Barrett)

1840 Lowtherstown (now known as Irvinestown) Poor Law Union was formally declared on the 14th September 1840

1844 ordnance survey maps, Tummery, Dromore Parish, Tyrone

1844, Oct 28 Opening of the Work House in the PLU (Poor Law Union) site of Lowtherstown (now known as Irvinestown), Fermanaugh. It covered Co. Fermanagh and parts of south-west Co. Tyrone

1845-1852 Great Famine

1848-By 1848 through emigration and deaths by famine, Ireland's population decreased by more than 2 million people (8.5 to 6.5).

1850's Pre Griffith's, Thomas McQuaid jun, (this is Thomas B1812) Lot 2 A & B, leases 2B to Girls National School, Thomas McQuaid Lot 21 A&B, (this is Thomas B1790) Tummery, Dromore Parish, Tyrone.

1855-abt Marraige Ann McQuaid B1836 to John O'Donnell

1856, Feb 4, Marraige Thomas McQuaid B1837 & Mary Barrett Tummery, Dromore Parish, Tyrone (lives on lot 21a&B with Grandfather Thomas B1790)

1858-Formation of the Irish Republican brotherhood. (The Fenians)

1860 Griffith's Valuation, Thomas McQuaid jun, Lot 2A (this is Thomas B1812), Thomas McQuaid, lot 21A&B (Thomas B1790) , Tummery, Dromore Parish, Tyrone

1864-abt Death Thomas McQuaid B1790 age-abt 74

1864  Civil registration was introduced to Ireland. All Births, Marriages and Deaths had to be recorded at the site of the PLU (Poor Law Union). Lowtherstown (now known as Irvinestown), in County Fermanaugh, was the site for County Fermanagh and parts of south-west County Tyrone.

1865 Annual Revision Book Thomas McQuaid jun, Lot 2A (this is Thomas B1812), Thomas McQuaid Died ( This is Thomas B1790), Patrick Teague Leasing Lot 21A &B. Thomas McQuaid (This is Thomas B1837) Lot 24B taken over from Cornelius O'Donnell. John O'Donnell Lot 24A (Wife is Ann McQuaid sister of Thomas B1837.

1868, May 26, Hanging of Michael Barrett (Fenian)

1871, Feb 10, Birth Thomas John McQuaid, Son of Thomas B1837 and Mary Nee Barrett B1836

1877, Thomas John McQuaid B1871 enrolled in 1st and 2nd grade at the Tummery, Dromore Parish, National Boys School.

1879-1882-"Land Wars" In which the Irish national land League protect tenant farmers from eviction and urged non payment of rents and 'boycott' of landLords. 1879-1881-2 Land Wars of Ireland

1880-Parnell elected chairman of the Irish home rule party.

1880 May Thomas McQuaid B1837, wife Mary McQuaid nee Barrett & family on U.S. Census in Monson Massachusetts.

1881-Gladstone's 2nd Land Act. Parnell imprisoned.

1881 Thomas McQuaid off lot 24B, lease taken over by Hugh McDermmit (This is Thomas B1837)

1884-abt Death Thomas McQuaid B1812, age-abt 72

1885 Thomas McQuaid jun off of Lot 2A (this is Thomas B1812), Daniel O'Donnell Jr takes over lease (Family of Daughter Ann McQuaid).


mauramcl said...

That was a great analysis of family and area. I really like the historical perspective.

Betty Lou McQuade said...

My name is Brian McQuade and my family is also from Dromore. My great grandfather was Anthony McQuade. Anthony was born in 1807, and immigrated to the US around 1860 with his wife Jane and their six children.
My wife and I are in Dromore now, May 13, 2017, and we saw the thatched roof house that you described as your McQuaid ancestors residence
Do you have any input on the McQuade/McQuaid spelling. In the old graveyard at St. Dymphna's, there are a number of Bernards, Alices, common family McQuade names, but are all spelled McQuaid on the headstones. Griffin's valuation identifies Anthony as living on 5 Church Street, and his brother Terence as living in Corbally.
The locals tell me the spelling of McQuade/McQuaid is irrelavent, but I see no connection with the family you have identified and ours.
Any thoughts appreciated. Best,
Brian McQuade

T.T. McQuaid said...

Betty Lou & Brian,
The name was spelled McQuaid in the Civil Records out of the Irvinstown PLU and McQuade out of the Omagh PLU. Most could not read or write English and left it to the clerks. It was also spelled McQuaide. The priest in the Dromore church spelled it McWade in the 1860's. Knocknahorn and Corbally were one townland before 1840. Known as Corbally Con & Corbally Fergus, after 2 McKusker brothers that leased the land in the mid 1700's. The father of my Thomas McQuaid B1810, of Tummery was from Knocknahorn. The Terence that you mention was born About 1832, the son of Patrick born about 1800, the son of Patrick born about 1770.This Patrick and My Thomas were on 3 life leases in Knocknahorn (Corbally) in 1796. I have not come across an Anthony. Please contact me at Maybe I can connect the dots.